Ballet Shoes & Mickey Ears

The happenings of this Disney-obsessed runner and dancer!


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Last night was such a long night for me!! It started off with my first time helping my teacher out in her beginning ballet 1-2 class. I didn’t really do too much, it was more of adjusting to the class and the girls and I think she is still trying to figure out how to utilize me. It was fun though. The little girls seemed to like me!! Right after that I went straight into my first class. I opted not to wear my pointe shoes at all since she changed up our warm ups. Like my other classes, we now did our usual barre warmup in center. I did good with it, but the younger girls seemed to struggle, which was expected. I can feel how much more stronger I have become and more aware of my balance. It’s kinda nice. We worked on pirouettes a lot in this class too. Since yesterday was also the first day of low carbs for me, it was a tough night. I ate a handful of peanuts before I left the house, but about 2 hours later I was feeling yucky again. I had a headache all day since my body was adjusting to no carbs. So needless to say, my pirouettes were less than stellar last night. Once I get into the diet though, I will start to feel really good soon. My ballet 2-3 class went pretty good too!! We did the Graham method for our warm ups, which differs slightly from what we were doing in center before. We spent a lot of time doing “angry” combinations and jumps across the floor. Our teacher wanted “angry” music and spent about 30 minutes looking for some while we did other combos. We spent a good hour of class doing jumps and combinations across the floor. They were a lot of fun! We did some tombé pas de bourrés into glissades, jetés, assemblés. It was a lot of fun and such a good cardio workout at the same time!! We didn’t work on turns from the corner, which because of how I felt, was ok to me!! The jumping and moving around a lot didn’t really bother me, but the turning and pirouettes did. Boo. I had my BFF bring me an emergency handful of peanuts to get me through the last 2 hours of classes. And it worked. Once I got home and ate I felt better. And today I feel amazing! Not feeling crappy so far.had a good breakfast too. So I just need to bring some extra food to dance with me from now on. And after talking to my husband, since I dance for 3 hours at a time that maybe I can eat something with a slight amount of carbs before class to spike my sugar. So I’m thinking a banana with some peanuts. We will see!!

Thought this video on jumping was amazing. We do some of these jumps, just in different combinations and obviously we don’t look anything like these people!! But enjoy!!


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