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Ready, Set, Go!


It’s 11:30. This means I have 30 minutes until my diet officially starts. And I’m scared!! I’m doing a low carbohydrate, or Atkins diet. My husband, his father, mother, and my mother, have all had great success with this. My goal is drop at least 15 pounds. I’ve never tried this diet before but I’m really going to go at it hard. I’m such a carb queen that I’m actually scared lol. But I HAVE to lose this extra weight. I don’t like the way I look or feel. And I really want to look good for our recital in June. So this is the best way to jump start the weight loss. I’ll be eating high protein and aiming to keep my carbs to 20 grams or less a day. If you’re not familiar with carbs, take a look at your nutrition labels. There are carbs in practically everything you eat. Meat, cheese, and veggies are mostly low carb. So this will be what I am eating. Carbohydrates are the same thing as sugar. Carbs = Sugar. Our bodies were not designed to eat high carb diets. Hence why the obesity rates are so high and children are so over weight. Health and science along with the physiology of your body is an incredible thing to study. I studied for hours upon hours in dental hygiene school about these topics. My husband took 4 years of graduate level health and science classes, so he’s a genius when it comes to the body and the science behind how and why it works the way it does. I’ve learned a lot from him.

So instead of munching on left over birthday cake for the rest if the upcoming week, I will sadly be sending it to my husband’s work so the ladies there can enjoy it. Sigh. But I can’t wait to look and feel better about myself.

Goodbye dear carbs, it’s been a fun time. I do not want to say goodbye, but I need to. We’ll see each other again some day. Just not right now.

With 15 minutes left until midnight…I have officially broken up with carbohydrates.



5 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Please be careful. Carbs are necessary for the body and starving yourself of them places your body in an emergency mode that I personally feel is unhealthy and unsafe. I only say this for concern of your personal safety, but you do what feels best. I hope you achieve a healthy weight goal you are happy with.

    • It’s actually really funny how misinformed most people can be when it comes to how your body works. What the media and the food industry say is “healthy” for you is usually not. They say the guidelines for carbs is 300g a day. A DAY. That is ridiculous and super unhealthy. Eating a high protein diet will force your body to burn fat instead of the carbs you would usually be eating. Protein makes you feel full longer and the more complex the protein the longer is takes for your body to break down. People that follow the low carb guidelines will actually see a decrease in cholesterol, decrease the need for high blood pressure meds, lose weight, and will generally feel much better when on this diet. The 20 grams a day is only the induction phase. Once you make it through the induction phase, the amount of carbs you can have increases. Most people hear the words low carb diet and automatically assume its bad because of what they “know”. If people were actually educated on how the body works you would have a completely different understanding of how this diet works effectively and safely, when done correctly.

      • If you feel so confidently in that. Like I said, it’s just my personal opinion. I know protein is great, I’ve studied a decent amount of nutrition for my own health benefits. I would say the paleo diet would be healthier than atkins if I were to try any. Good luck!

  2. I keep telling her that – but she won’t listen!

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