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I ❤ November!!


November is off to a great start!! Last night my level 2 ballet class went great!! I wasn’t feeling great, but I was able to land my single and double pirouettes on my right, my singles on my left, and landing in fifth position too!! I did great with triples on my right on Monday, but last night it just made me nauseous lol. Our recital dance for this class is really shaping up too!! It’s going to look just amazing!! Legal Ballerina and I did great last night!! We worked really hard and had a lot of fun while doing it!! Pointe class went pretty good. We did a bazillion passés in center and they were exhausting. Like I couldn’t breath exhausting. I did pretty good though. I’m really trying to work on stretching and strengthening my right foot. But because of the problems I have with it, it may not ever be completely stretched or strong. I can’t remember exactly what I have, but I know I have an extra bone in that foot and another two bones that should have a nice space in-between them are so close they become real inflamed and painful. I’ve had to have cortisone shots in this foot in the past, and that totally sucked. So I may be visiting the good ol’ podiatrist at some point.

I also got to talk to my teacher yesterday before classes. I told her I was interested in helping her teach her beginning ballet 1-2 class on Mondays before my classes. She was so excited I offered to help!! So starting next week, I will be helping her teach!! She also told me she wants me to stay in the ballet 1-2 class since I’m the oldest person in there (they are all 9-13 year olds plus one other adult beginner) and I’m the most skilled and strongest. She said she wants me in their recital number. Yay!! LB and I are really really hoping we get to be in the level 2-3 class recital. We are trying so hard to keep up with the girls, and I think we are doing good!!

So other than my crappy bum ankle, classes are going great and I couldn’t be happier (or more proud of myself)!!

Why I ❤ November:

~ my birthday is on the 4th (this weekend, yay!!)
~ second session of ballet classes begin
~ LB and I are getting fitted for Gaynors
~ I get to help teach for the first time
~ The Nutcracker
~ Thanksgiving Dinner
~ Only 2.5 months until my Disney trip!!

Hope everyone else has survived Hurricane Sandy with minimal damage or losses. It just rained here A LOT and it was really windy. Hope you all are having a great start to your November too!!



6 thoughts on “I ❤ November!!

  1. Wow! You have so many wonderful things to look forward to!

  2. November IS exciting!! I wanna hear all of it!

  3. Happy Birthday! 🙂

    Have found your blog via your interview with adult ballerina. You seem to be juggling a similar set of hobbies to me (ballet, crochet, hiking, etc)!

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