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Adult Ballerina Goes Camping!!


Ballet class last night was really fun!! We did the same adagio we did on Monday, except we added to it!! Our teacher loves this song and started chugging away at dance moves!! I think we are doing it as our recital dance. Squee!!!!! This makes me so happy!! I absolutely love what we are doing so far. It’s challenging but a manageable challenge. I can do all the moves, it’s just refining them and making them as pretty as I can. I hope she sticks with this one!! It’s leaps and bounds better than the recital dance I did last year at my old studio. Pointe class was ehhh. My shoes and my ankles are still fighting with each other. She had me switch my shoes back to the appropriate feet last night causing more pain. Sigh. My left foot is so much stronger than my right that its making it extremely difficult to build up strength in my right ankle. I’m also getting a ton of pressure on my big toes. It’s like my weight is resting all on my big toe rather than being spread out across the box of my shoe. I think I read somewhere that this may be because the width of my box is too big?? I dunno!! I’ve tried so many different combinations of padding for my toes. Nothing seems to work.

On a different note now….I’m going camping this weekend!! Normally I’m excited for this Halloween camping festival, I’m not this year. The weather is supposed to suck. Like 40 degrees and a lot of rain kind if suck. Blah. I’m actually scared about how cold I will be this weekend. Being cold is usually something I can tolerate, but add in constant rain? Forget it. I’m hoping my doggy does ok with the weather. We bring her entire wardrobe with us! Hah! She has the cutest costume this year. You’ll have to wait for pictures!!! I’m sure I will post one on Instagram/Twitter. I’m dressing up too!

Hopefully I survive this weekend. I obviously will not be stretching. I most likely will not be able to resist the urge to practice our routine though while walking through the woods!! Hope everyone stays warm and dry this weekend!! I know I won’t be 😫



4 thoughts on “Adult Ballerina Goes Camping!!

  1. Sounds like fun! My parents always used to take us camping for halloween but I haven’t been camping in a really long time.

  2. Pain in the big toe can also mean that the box is too square for your feet. I always thought I had square feet until I had that experience (resulting in a gross bruised big toenail on my less square foot). Might need a shoe with a more tapered box. Just a thought!

    • That’s what I’ve been reading. My first pair were tapered I think, but the box was not wide enough so my foot bulged out on the sides. I’m thinking tapered is what I need too!! Thanks!!!

  3. Take extra socks! Soggy feet=miserable camper.

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