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So last night was my dreaded Monday night classes. I only kept my pointe shoes on for 30 minutes in the first class as to not tire myself out. We did a really neat adagio in center to one of my teacher’s favorite songs. I loved it. And I did pretty good at it. Then my second class came. And ya know what?! It was ok! In fact, it was more than ok, it was great!! I’m getting better and stronger every week working only from center. We didn’t really do any new combinations this week, so that was a relief. We did however work on pirouettes for about a half hour. This time though, they were to begin in 5th position and end in 5th position, and you were to just keep going. I thought I was really going to struggle with this since I can’t really do multiple pirouettes yet. Surprisingly though, I didn’t do so bad. I could get to around 4-5 on my right and maybe 3-4 on my left. I tried really hard!! I think my teacher was pleased with me. We also did a piqué set across the floor with some pirouettes also. I did pretty decent with those. Kept getting a little twisted up on my left side, but overall not too bad. My turns were good this week too. Nothing out of the ordinary struggle. We worked on our grande jètes from second too. I feel like I did a great job on my right side. The teacher had us do them in large circles. One of the younger girls even said, “you’re like really good at those.” That totally made everything I do there worth it. To think that a younger girl, maybe 12-13 years old, thinks I did something like really good. Thank you little girl. That means more to me than you know!! I think my teacher was happy with those from me too. I used the whole floor!

This Monday went so much better than last week’s. I’m actually kind of glad I had such a bad lesson because I learned so much from it. I found myself saying, “attack!!!!” to everything we did in class. And I feel like I performed much better.

So, adult beginners, do not fear. Some days will seem impossible and not worth trying. Other days will seem like your best. You will learn a lot from those bad days. More than you think you will. I’ll leave you with a cool tweet I saw on Twitter this evening….

“Hard days are the best….that’s where champions are made.”


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  1. I randomly decided to catch up on everyone’s blogs and today I also happen to have one of the worst classes I’ve had so far. I was really frustrated. This was a helpful post for me. 🙂

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