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Adult Dance Camp 2013 Schedule!!!!


Here it is!!!!!!!

April 11-14 Waldorf, MD
June 16-22 Richmond, VA
June 30-July 6 Vancouver, WA
August 18-24 Richmond, VA
September 1-7 Saratoga Springs, NY

Feel free to ask her any questions.

Heidi Winton-Stahle
President, Sun King Dance, LLC


4 thoughts on “Adult Dance Camp 2013 Schedule!!!!

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  2. Nice! Have to figure out which level to find out which location to attend 🙂 thanks for emailing her!

  3. I spoke with Heidi by phone today, she guesstimates I’m a level 3A and that potentially I could visit the Vancouver,Wa location. Or I could go to the others. It would save on plane fare… Hmmmm

    • That’s awesome!! I think I’m about that same level too!! She said they should be posting costs and what not in the next couple weeks. For me, it just depends on how much it costs. I’m definitely down for it though!!

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