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Here’s Hoping!!!


I’m really, really hoping that class tonight goes better for me. It’s hard to go in without the mental block and frustration looming over me from Monday. I’m looking forward to class though! I’m hoping that my pirouettes will pirouette properly, that my silly feet will relève correctly, and that my chaînés want to cooperate tonight. And please dance gods, please, let my pointe class go on without my feet feeling like they’re attached to the wrong leg. (I had to switch my pointe shoes to the opposite feet because my shoes/feet are being difficult. Surprise, surprise…).

I was looking at new ballet shoes recently too. I’ve been getting a lot of pain and discomfort on the balls of my feet when going up on relève so I’m thinking maybe I need a different/new shoe?? I found these Grishko ones that seem promising. We will see!! They are Grishko Ultimate ballet slippers? Has anyone ever heard of these or tried them? They got amazing reviews with a few people saying these helped with the pain on the balls of their feet. I’ve also never tried canvas slippers before. I’ve always had leather. I’m scared!! Any opinions out there on canvas vs. leather?? I need input!!



2 thoughts on “Here’s Hoping!!!

  1. I tried the grishko ultimates! They were comfy but something about them I didn’t like and ended up not buying them. I’m sorry I can’t remember what.

    I’ve had canvas since I started doing ballet again otherwise leather was my preference. But the new style flooring canvas is easier to move in and it also lets your foot breath. It also soaks up your moisture and then it slows down turns and movement… I’ve noticed as of late.
    I recently had to replace my Leo airabesque split sole canvas for the Bloch Zenith. It’s a stretch canvas and really conforms to your foot. It had its draw backs though but they don’t bother me badly enough to throw ’em.

    I’ve tried the sansha and I loved their comfort and relevé but the heel bothered me, and it could just be my foot. But lotsa people like the sansha.

    I’m working on the fitting piece when I can, I’ll post it ASAP 🙂

  2. I like canvas soft shoes a lot! They are a lot more comfortable, so you have more mobility and articulation through your feet. Sanshas are good; they definitely have enough fabric to cushion the balls of the feet, the only criticism I would have is that after long wear, the fabric can get clumpy and unattractive. I personally love Angelo Luzio’s; they are split sole canvas shoes but with a thin, elastic fabric and as well as a thinner sole. I find I can feel the floor more in these; almost like dancing without shoes, but I do not know how beneficial they will be for your painful metatarsals. Good luck!

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