Ballet Shoes & Mickey Ears

The happenings of this Disney-obsessed runner and dancer!

Bye Bye Bye!!

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I’m getting rid of my car today!! I’m so excited!! I have a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta that has been nothing but problems for me. I bought it used back in 2009 and I’m finally getting rid of it. My inlaws are buying a new car, so I’m going to be buying their 2008 Hyundai Sonata!! That baby comes fully loaded!!! I’m so pumped. I mean, my Jetta was “fully loaded” too. I had leather seats, moonroof, 6 cd changer, etc. But the Sonata is so nice!! It’s much bigger than my little car. This puppy even has a navigation system. So I bid you farewell little Jetta. You have served me decently, and I’ve taken care of you. Thanks for always keeping me safe and getting me where I needed to go! I’m sorry for always yelling at you and saying that I hated you. I was just being dramatic. You were a good little car, but it’s time for me to move on. I’ll always remember you!!

I’m getting rid of this:


And getting this:


Vroom vroom!!


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