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The happenings of this Disney-obsessed runner and dancer!

25 Things About Me!


Decided to post this since Legal Ballerina said I should! Hah!! So here we go!!

1. I am a crazy Disney fanatic. I love all things Disney and traveling there. I have been there 7 times.

2. I love carbohydrates. Pizza, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, etc. But I try not to eat them so much (doesn’t help the leotard fitting).

3. I have an insane spider phobia. Like I will cry, start panicking, and freaking out. Thank goodness for the husband.

4. Even though I have a huge spider phobia, I love camping. My husband and I go multiple times a year.

5. I am in love with Lady Gaga.

6. My left arm is shorter than my right arm. I have/had what is called Erb’s Palsy. I was born with it. My brachial nerve was damaged and caused my arm to be slightly malformed. I’ve had one surgery already to help alleviate the pain I had with it. I have arthritis in my shoulder too which totally sucks. Some days it hurts and others it’s ok. So if you ever see pictures of me doing ballet things and my arms look funny…this is why. I’m not just lopsided.

7. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. For real.

8. With inspiration from my BFF, I love collecting eclectic Christmas ornaments. I’m slowly starting to run out of room on the tree.

9. When I was younger I played softball, did cheerleading, and danced (ballet, jazz, tap, and pointe). I was one busy girl!

10. I was an athletic trainer in high school for our football, basketball, wrestling, and baseball teams.

11. I like to bike ride with my husband. My goal is to ride in the MS race next year which means I have to ride about 100 miles.

12. I like photography. I love taking pictures with my fancy camera and lenses. I enjoy photographing nature, flowers, my dog, landscapes, and cool artsy perspective shots. I really love reflection pictures. And I look forward to hopefully getting some good pictures in Disney come this January.

13. My favorite holiday is Halloween, followed by Christmas. Who doesn’t love getting presents??

14. My favorite colors are purple, pink, and teal.

15. I’m a purse fanatic. I love Coach purses, but I’m starting to accumulate too many. I like Vera Bradley purses. I wish to one day own a Louis Vuitton.

16. I love animals. I have a dog and 3 cats and 2 fish tanks. I would totally adopt (yes, adopt! Rescue, don’t buy!!!) every animal in the shelters I see.

17. I love to play Bingo with my mom. I also like going to Casinos. I found out recently that I like Black Jack!

18. I love to travel. I could fly on an airplane every day. Once we have kids, my husband and I would love to travel to as many places with them as we can.

19.  My husband introduced me to science and astronomy. I love watching programs and learning about space, galaxies, our solar system, and the future of science. He knows a lot more than me, but I’m catching up! Science is fascinating.

20. I have a really good memory. It’s not what you would call a photographic memory, but I can remember a lot of details that most people don’t. I’m a fast reader and retain things quickly. When I see people not understand things it frustrates me.

21. I’m not a diagnosed “OCD” person but I am very particular about things. I do things in a specific way or order with almost every aspect of my life. I’m a very patterned person who does not like change.

22. I’m very shy and quiet when you first meet me. Once you get to know me though I’m very talkative. I’m pretty funny.

23. I can’t really back my car up. I’m not very good at it and never try to do it. I struggle with parallel parking too. My husband always makes fun of me for this.

24. I love doing ballet as an adult. I loved dancing when I was younger. I did that from when I was 3-12 years old. I love the challenge it brings me. I’ve always loved dancing no matter where I’m at. I’m always the one dancing at weddings or the girl in the bar dancing. I can’t help but just move to the beat no matter where I’m at. I’ve always been like this.

25. I love thunderstorms. I like watching the lightning and hearing the thunder. I like the gloomy weather and wind. Listening to rain is almost hypnotic.

Well there you go!! 25 odd and interesting facts about yours truly! Hope you enjoy!!


4 thoughts on “25 Things About Me!

  1. 26. I have the bestiest-bestest friend in the world – LB. I try to be as funny as her, but it’s never going to happen. Oh well!


  2. Disney and ballet are two of my favourite things! And I love thunderstorms too. Can’t wait to read more!

  3. No 23 applies to me too! I also love Lady Gaga, my husband bought me tickets to her London concert for my birthday 🙂

    • That’s awesome!!! She’s not coming to my part of town on the first leg of her USA tour. Hoping she does at some point!!! I saw her tour last year twice!! Such an amazing show. You will LOVE it!! 🙂

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