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I Am the Disney Planning Queen!!!


I don’t like to toot my own horn but I rock at Disney planning. In fact, I think I’m pretty amazing at it. I recently booked our trip along with my inlaws. We wanted to stay at the new Art of Animation resort in the Little Mermaid rooms. A discount released for Disney Visa cardholders came out last week. I called Disney and got some pricing for our trips. For us the adding the dining plan cost us more than we would save with the 25% room discount. By getting the discount I saved our entire party about $500 on our room/tickets. Pretty awesome if you ask me! Only catch with it was that unfortunately it was not valid for the Art of Animation resort in the Little Mermaid rooms. Sigh. Next time I guess.

Then this past Sunday I looked up airfare costs again. They originally started out at like $281 a person round trip. Then they increased to $331 a person, decreased back to $281, and then back up to the $331 as of Sunday. I was just not feeling it. I kept telling myself to hold off. Then last night, on Tuesday, I figured I would take a look. I almost fell out of my seat. There on the page it said $151 a person round trip. Holy. Freaking. Crap. I double checked to make sure I had the correct airports and travel dates. Yup. I could not believe it. I added our rental car on, which came to only $253 for a full size for 10 days. Double awesome. I booked it as fast as I could still secretly fearing this was some glitch in their system. I booked all 4 of our airfares for this price. I saved our family a total of $1100 on this trip so far. That’s practically another week in Disney right there!! I was then on one of my “Disney highs” for the rest of the evening. In fact, I still am tonight!!

When planning for a trip to Disney, or any trip in general, it really does literally pay off to plan in advance. We knew exactly what we wanted and where to look for it. I scoured the Disney website and my email inbox daily looking for promotions. I checked Orbitz almost daily for airfare. I recommend researching Disney long in advance and get a feel for the place. Explore resort options and see what the parks have to offer. Think about what works best for your family. And be practical. Don’t just pick somewhere to stay simply because it “looks cool”. Consider distance from parks, size of resort, the pool, food options, and type of transportation around Disney. If you have small children and know you will need to frequent the resort for naps, a swim break, change of clothes, snacks, then pick a resort that’s close to the parks. Research the Disney bus lines if you choose not to have a rental car. Consider strollers. Preparing like this in advance will only save you stress in the parks.

So here’s our updated Disney trip info:

10 Day Park Hopper Passes
Pop Century Resort with a preferred room
Full Size rental car

105 days until we land in the happiest place on earth!!



2 thoughts on “I Am the Disney Planning Queen!!!

  1. we stayed in the aoa little mermaid rooms 2 weeks after they opened (as a matter of fact we got home from our trip 4 days before you posted this) and YOU WILL LOVE THEM!!!! and if you can actually resist the urge to sing in the shower you are a better person than me 😉 we accidentally got it on free dining (not sure how THAT happened as it wasnt included but whateves) you will have a blast!!!! enjoy!!!

  2. We actually had to switch to Pop Century because of the AoA Little Mermaid rooms being excluded from our discounted deal 😦 I was super bummed. I’m glad you like it though!! Someday I will stay there! The resort looks so cool. We’ll probably take a stroll over since it’s right across the little pond!! I sing no matter where I’m at in Disney! In every show and while we’re in line for rides. My husband thinks I’m crazy lol!!! 😉

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