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Casino Baby!!!

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So as I mentioned before, my mom was in town this weekend to celebrate her birthday. She wanted to go to our town’s new casino and go to our favorite bingo hall. Easy enough!! The whole family went down to the casino on Friday night. It was me, my husband, his parents, and my mom. The casino was gorgeous!! Very old style elegance with lots and lots of slot machines! The casino is right in the middle of downtown and it is in an old department store building. They kept all of the old elegant chandeliers and really did a nice job with the carpeting and décor. The food court was like no other I’ve ever seen! It had 3 little counter service places from all around town. I split a piece of gourmet pizza with my mom and oh my was it delicious. It had the best casino food I’ve ever had. I’ve heard their buffet is really good too. The casino is owned and run by the Horseshoe Casino name. I think they did a fabulous job. I played my first game of Blackjack!! I actually won a couple hands, got Blackjack a couple times, and of course then lost it all lol. It was a fun experience though!! My mom and father in law ended up winners that night! It was a super fun night and we all enjoyed the casino. This also means that I unfortunately did not get to stretch on Friday night. Sigh. My mom and I also spent all of Saturday out and about shopping and what not and then spent the night playing bingo. We were not winners there…such a bummer. This also means I did not stretch yesterday either. Double bummer. I will be stretching today though. I’m not going to count these past 2 days against my countdown since my mom doesn’t stop over here often. I couldn’t ignore her to stretch and practice.

So it’s back to the good ol’ routine. Hey, look it at that! I’m already considering it a routine!! It must be working hah!! I’m only counting the days I stretch at home and not at class since I would be stretching at class regardless. I want to stretch for 21 days consecutively at home (minus this weekend).

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I know I did!!


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