Ballet Shoes & Mickey Ears

The happenings of this Disney-obsessed runner and dancer!



Last night I had ballet and pointe class. There were quite a few girls missing from class. Everyone has been getting sick!!! Class for me was just like my title implies….meh. I just felt off. We didn’t really stretch much and even by the end of ballet class I was still feeling really tight. My pirouettes were off. My turns were off. Everything was just meh. Sometimes I guess things will just be off. Pointe class went ok too. Nothing too hard or crazy. We did our usual warm ups at the barre. My teacher thought it would be fun to talk only in French and so she did. It was pretty funny. It was pretty neat too. For a moment I felt what most of these professional dancers feel!! It was fun to play!! We did bourrées forward this time followed at first with slowly rolling through our feet. Once we got the hang of that we did passés following the bourrées. It was nice to try something new. We then moved on to piqué turns with pas de bourrées. I’m getting the hang of piqué turns on pointe, but coupling them with the pas de bourrées just throws me off. My pointe shoes always tend to slip off my heel when doing these. My teacher suggested adding more elastic to my shoe and making a criss cross instead of just the one band. Maybe I’ll try it. My toes did great in my shoes though!! No pain anywhere!! With the toe gel tips I use it makes my toe kind if go numb eventually, so that’s kind of nice lol!!

My mom is coming into town this weekend to celebrate her birthday. I’m hoping to still try to fit in my stretching. I don’t want to break my routine that I’m trying so desperately to adhere to!! But who knows. Hope everyone has a good Friday!!



3 thoughts on “Meh

  1. Shame on you for not mentioning your compliment from the General! Oh well, at least I did in my blog. Compliments like that should be documented.

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