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Pirouettes…yay! Flexibility…boo.

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Tonight was my usual 3 hours of dance. I had my 1.5 hour ballet class that I do on pointe. And tonight I rocked it! While doing tendus at the barre, my teacher yelled at all the other girls saying, “the only girl on pointe is pointing harder than any if you!”. This made me squee with joy on the inside. I said, rock on adult ballerina, rock on. I then hit another major milestone. I did pirouettes on pointe in center. On the left and right. Bam. It felt amazing. I mean, I know they’re not anywhere near perfect, but hey, I’m up on pointe and I’m turning all the way around. What more could I ask for?!? Another plus for that class was that I did my chaînés on pointe about 3/4th the way across the floor without stopping on my right side. This also felt amazing. It’s hitting little goals like this that keep me going. I need these moments for when the following happens. Like how utterly horrible my flexibility is. And when I say horrible, I mean I’m the absolute least flexible in all of my classes. It’s such a downer. But it’s my own fault. I really do try to stretch as much as I can. But between 6 hours of lessons, working, and taking care of the household duties, I’m just not left with a lot of time or energy. When I do have free time I want to relax. Or spend time with my husband. Or spend more time doing photography. Sigh. There’s just so much to do and not enough time. Truth is, if I want to be more flexible I have to put more effort in. Which I’m really trying to do. We also did a few new combinations in center in adagio. The first one wasn’t too bad for me, but the second one was. It was a lot of leg extending and core strength. They were hard, but I’m glad I’m being challenged.

So overall tonight was good. Hitting those high points in my first class were balanced out with my low points in the next class. I’m always improving though in some aspect of ballet which in the end is the important thing.


One thought on “Pirouettes…yay! Flexibility…boo.

  1. Congrats! I’m just now getting decent pirouettes in slippers–I’m so jealous!

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