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Wine + BFF = Nutcracker Tickets

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Last night I spent time with my BFF and her husband. We were talking about how they were going to see the Nutcracker (she got tickets for her bday from her inlaws) and how I really, really, really wanted to go too. I didn’t think there were any good seats left the night they were going, but who knew?! With a little wine in our systems and our fancy iPads, we found perfect seats!! My husband was less than thrilled as ballets aren’t really his thing. He knew how much I really wanted to go though so he “okay-ed”  the purchase. It’s counting as one of my gifts from him for my birthday. So there ya go! Wine + BFF = Nutcracker Tickets. Score!!!

Has anyone else seen the Nutcracker before? The one we are going to see is the Joffrey Ballet Nutcracker. I saw there was a Moscow Russian Ballet Nutcracker that was touring the US also. Has anyone seen that version before? I’m interested in seeing both at some point. Can’t wait for the show!!!


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