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Chaînés: Friend & Enemy

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Being an adult ballerina is not easy. It’s not easy getting used to turning, especially turning multiple times in a row. But last night at class I did it! I reached a goal of mine, a small one, but a goal none the less. I did my chaînés on my right side all the way across the floor without stopping!! This is huge! It totally made up for me feeling crappy about my fouettés. My left side attempting any turns is still not happening. I can do it in my head but my body is just not cooperating. Sigh.

Moving on….

I used some different padding for my pointe shoes. I used these jelly toe sleeves on my big and second toe, used the extra I cut off from them to place around each of my pinky toes, and a little bit of lambs wool. That’s it! Hah! I did not use my ouch pouches! And I have to say that I could feel the floor so much better this way! I have to do a little adjusting as my one toe on my left foot scraped against the inside of my shoe and rubbed a little bit of skin off. But other than that I really liked it! We learned how to do pirouettes on pointe too, although those are far from actually being done. We worked on fouettés on pointe too, but obviously those are a struggle still. Overall a good class!!

I think I’m going to make a list of goals I want to accomplish and also include the ones I’ve already completed. Maybe you have similar goals as me? Maybe my goals will inspire you to try harder? Maybe my goals will inspire you to dance? Please feel free to share your goals with me on here! Maybe you can inspire me!

Now to work on stretching (and some wine drinking!) for the rest of the evening!


One thought on “Chaînés: Friend & Enemy

  1. Well – you know me Ms. Disney – I am still learning too! But my goal is to be able to do fouettes on both sides, be able to kick higher in first and second (both legs) and be able to dance in our studio’s next recital. I know that we will automatically be incorporated into the recital next spring, but I want to earn my spot. I do not think I have earned that yet. You inspire me Ms. Disney! You really do.

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