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On the Hunt

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Since I will be returning to the wonderful world of Disney in January, the search for new Trading Pins has began. I have a zillion pins, ok not really, but I do have a lot! I have enough to fill two lanyards and some in the pouch. I have various collections that I have been working on since I first started trading pins in 2009. What I usually do to prepare for my trips is sort through the pins I have and see what pins I need to finish certain collections. I then begin searching on eBay and Amazon for people that might have these pins. I try to make sure I am buying pins from legitimate people (people who either live in Florida or are obvious collectors). I never buy any pins from over seas in fear that they make be fake. I also buy a bulk order of pins to trade while in the parks. Sometimes in buying these bulk orders I get a pin or two that I actually needed!! When that package arrives it’s like Christmas morning! I get so excited to see what pins I received. After I open the package I then sort out any pins that I needed or any that I knew I wanted to start the collection of. After that I am left with the pins I will be trading with while in Disney! I wear the ones I want to trade on my lanyard and keep the ones I don’t in my pin pouch. For a 10 day trip like the one we’ll be taking in January, I usually like to take down at least 25-30 pins to trade.

I absolutely love pin trading while in the parks. One of my favorite memories was when it had started to rain and my husband and I were in Hollywood Studios. We happened to be near the big Sorcerer’s hat, so we ducked under there for cover. I eyed a pin I really wanted and had been searching for for the past 2 years. I asked the guy (he was an older teenager to young adult, like me) if I could see his pins and he asked to see mine. In the process, another person came up and asked to see his pins. While, little to my knowledge this other person was eying up the same pin I wanted!! I told him how I had been searching for this pin for the past 2 years and I think he somewhat felt bad (and secretly thought I was cute or something) because he let me have it!! Score! But then the kid that had it wanted to trade me for my coveted name pin. I stumbled across this pin online. It is an older pin depicting the monorail with the gang on it with my name on it. I had to have it obviously. The kid had wanted it because it was his girlfriend’s name. Uh, sorry mister! I will not give up my prized name pin for some girl. Once I told him that one wasn’t up for trading, he still traded me for the beloved pin I had searched so long for.
Gosh, don’t you just love pin trading!?!?

Here’s the set of pins. Mickey, the one of the left, is the one I traded for.


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