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Death by Leotard


I’ve had a couple days off from work this past week so yesterday I decided to take a trip over to Capezio’s in the hopes of finding a new leotard. I’ve bought countless leotards from online and in stores and only 1 or 2 of them seem to actually fit me. It’s not like I’m incredibly over weight or even plus size, I just happen to be tall (5’6″), with a large chest, and some meat on my bones. I don’t consider myself “fat” but I know I’ve gained some weight since high school. But hey, that’s part of life. I just wish I could find a leotard that actually looks nice and fits me!! I mean we all can’t be size 0 or 12 year old girls! I wish these companies would make more leotards for girls (and women!) that are fuller in size. Just because I’m not 12 or a professional level dancer doesn’t mean I don’t deserve quality, good looking, nice fitting leotards. I recently stumbled across an awesome leotard that I freakin love. It’s from MotionWear and it’s made for long torso bodies. It fits me perfectly and it actually has a cute strappy back!! I wear this thing constantly, which is why I wish I could find another one. This company seems to make a couple different leotards that could fit, but the store that carries them is about 30 minutes away from where I live, so getting out there isn’t always easy. This same store also gave me a pair of tights to try out while I was there. Yes, gave me. They are Eurotard brand with the comfort waist band. Yes, my other biggest complaint is the tight options us non-perfectly-sized people have to choose from. Every type I got had a super tight waist that would cause very unflattering “rolling” right around it. Very frustrating. Before these Eurotard tights, I was using a convertible body tight. You’re supposed to wear them with these clear, uncomfortable straps, but instead I just wear the tights. They stay up and do not really have a waist band, so there’s no “rolls”. The only downside to these new tights is that I can’t find them online anywhere! The lady at the store I got them from said she has to specially order them. Sigh. Talk about never feeling normal. I can’t wear normal leotards or normal tights because I’m not super thin. Very frustrating!! I just wish more companies would start making products for people like me. I will not let these leotards be the death of me (at least in the dancing world!!).

On the bright side, I did find a very cute sweater to wear over my arms for class. And the store just called me today to let me know the leg warmers I wanted were in. Double yes! My classes were cancelled on Monday due to my teacher being sick, so I don’t have class until Thursday. Looks like I will be practicing at home until then!


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