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Pointe ’till you Drop!!

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Last night was my first Ballet I-II class that I did en pointe!! And when I say did, I mean I did the entire class in my pointe shoes!! It was fun yet exhausting at the same time. My usual pointe class is only an hour, so this was the longest I’ve worn my shoes. I did all the normal warmups at the barre ok until we got to a particular combination. It was a lot of going up on pointe and down quickly and frequently. My body became physically exhausted and my ankles got fatigued. I kept going until my foot just wouldn’t go up on pointe anymore. By the end of that class I couldn’t feel my toes anymore!!! It was one of the best work outs and time in my pointe shoes yet!! I’m definitely looking forward to doing this every week! My next class was my 2 hour Ballet II-III class. This class is just simply exhausting for me! But I absolutely love it! I love the burn in my calves (mooooooo!!! šŸ®) and the combinations we do! Last night we did our entire class, warmups and all, in center. No barre! This was obviously much more difficult since you not only had to focus on keeping your body balanced and centered but doing all your foot work and arms properly. What a butt kicking good time! I know I was off balance at times, but the only thing I recommend for when doing this is to constantly keep your core tight with your legs pushing down into the floor while your upper half of the body pulls up as hard as you can. This definitely more difficult then warming up at the barre. The only thing that is my current frustration are my turns. Ugh. My pirouettes are still not solid. Well, sometimes they are. Sometimes they’re not. It’s really frustrating. So my goal now is to practice them every night. And on top of my pirouettes being less than stellar, my fouettes are even worse. Sigh. I can kind of sort of pull myself around once on my right side. My left side? Forget it. They are non-existent. Is it crazy that I can do these better at the barre in my pointe shoes?? I’m going to try some fouettes at home, but since I don’t have a ton of space to work with, that will be limited.

So far this fall session is off to a good start (for the most part!). I have many things to work on (stretching, turns, pointe work, etc.) but I’m also looking forward to learning even more!!

I also want to say that I absolutely love the girls in all my classes. Part of it is weird dancing with girls as young as 9, but at the same time it is fun. I love watching these young girls turn and twirl!! It reminds me of when I was their age!! Things were definitely a lot easier back then. You have no fear when you’re young. That’s kind of a downfall of being an adult. When I’m scared to try something new, they just fly through it! A little piece of me will always regret quitting dance when I was 12. But I’m just glad I have the opportunity to do it now. I know it will never be anything but a hobby for me, and I’m ok with that! So thank you girls for always being there at class with a smile on your face and enthusiasm in your heart!



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