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Fall Session is in Full Swing!!!

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This past week began the fall session at my dance studio. I am currently signed up to take 4 classes a week (yikes!!). This equates to around 6 hours of lessons each week (double yikes!!). Well, I can now say that I survived week one!! Monday nights I take a Ballet I-II class (I will be taking some to most of the class in my pointe shoes) and a Ballet II-III class which is 2 hours long! We spent the first hour of this class stretching and do some strength training exercises. You are safe in assuming that yes, by Tuesday morning, I was sore. My teacher wanted us to stretch the next day (well, technically every day), so gosh darnit I did!! And wow did it feel good!! I was a little stiff Wednesday morning, but once I was up and walking around my muscles started to feel good. I then take Ballet II on Thursday followed by my Pointe class. Man oh man did my legs hurt this week!! I also picked my new pointe shoes up this week!!! I now have Bloch European Balance in a 7.5 3X. They are a little tight, so I’m still working on getting the fit just right. I definitely felt way more secure in these shoes than in my older Bloch Sonata’s.
I am so excited for what this next year in dance holds for me!! I’m excited to be working so hard and learning new things. I’m thankful for having my best friend by my side and an amazing dance teacher who believes in us and pushes us. She understands us. Just because we are adults who didn’t spend our entire life in a dance studio, doesn’t mean we can’t dance now. Sure, just because we do pirouettes and put on pointe shoes doesn’t mean we’re perfect. It just means we work hard and try. She’s sees the ambition in us and the willingness to learn. We work hard for her and in turn she believes in us.

I’m just an adult having fun. Ballet can be fun. At any age.

Happy Dancing 🙂


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