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Disney Bound!!!

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So just the other day I was sitting with my husband discussing how we needed to sit down with his parents to plan the Disney trip we were planning to take in September 2013. And then yesterday, we talked about how maybe going in September wasn’t the best idea with me just starting nursing school at that time. So naturally we had to brainstorm for the next best time to go. I spent a few hours crunching numbers, comparing crowd levels and going over our options with my inlaws. Well, after all was said and done, we decided on January. Like in this upcoming January. Holy crap.

Now, as any good Disney planner knows, planning must be done as earlier as possible, usually at least 6 months out. Well, we have just about 5 months!!! Once we narrowed down the dates we would be in Disney, I looked up dining reservations. I secured a couple dinner reservations that I know we want. We have several favorites that are “must do’s” each time we are down there. I also saved two vacation trips under my Disney account in hopes of possibly securing those elusive pin codes. My husband and I are extremely excited to be going down again, this being the first time with his parents. I’ve been to Disney 7 times, 4 of those times with my husband.

So here’s our trip details right now:

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort (standard Little Mermaid room)
January 22- February 1 (10 days)
Dinner Reservations for Biergarten, Boma, and ‘Ohana

I always use Touring Plans by the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World to plan all of my Disney trips. I highly recommend using their books and getting a subscription for their online content. I believe the price for a 1 year membership is $11.95 and if you have the most current book, you get a nice discount when you sign up!! Check them out!!!

I look forward to sharing my planning adventure with you all!!

Have a Magical Day 🎉🌃🌈🏰


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