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The happenings of this Disney-obsessed runner and dancer!

Summer Break!!

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Well this week my studio is on summer break. We get one week off and then our fall session begins. I also happen to have this week off from work since I left my job. This week I will be trying out a class at a place called Verb Ballet. They are a community based ballet studio offering 3 different levels for adults. They include Beginner for someone who has little to no ballet experience, Intermediate for someone who has some ballet experience, and Advanced is for someone who has a lot of experience dancing. I will be trying out the Intermediate class. I have no intentions on going here permanently, just something to take up time during my week off and experience something new! I like taking classes at different studios with different instructors. It keeps me on my toes (lol) and I enjoy seeing each person’s perspective of how they teach and what dance means to them.

This past week I had my last class of the summer session. I had a good ballet lesson. I’m really struggling with all turns from my left side. My right side is so solid, but my left side is just frustrating me. If anyone has any pointers on how to improve my left side, other than the obvious of just more practice, I would love to hear it! My pointe class went great!! I’m completely off the barre now!! Huge milestone for me. I was also able to do everything the other girls did in center!! I’m still new to the turns on pointe in center, but I’m getting better every week!! I’m still having some issues with my pointe shoes. They just don’t feel right on my feet and they are nice and broken in. So tomorrow I will be going down to another dance store with my teacher and fellow student to try on other shoes. I’m very excited!! I’m really hoping to find a pair I like. Right now I have Bloch Sonatas.

In other news this week, I will also be taking a little exam to hopefully get me a part time job at the local hospital as a nursing aide. Even if it’s just a couple shifts per month, I want to get as much experiences I can before I start nursing school. And then at the end of the week my husband and I are going with his parents on a little camping adventure!! Our doggy will be coming with us and we will be staying in a cottage since the inlaws don’t do camping in tents. We’re hoping to swim, cook out, fish, hike, kayak, and eat in the fancy dining lodge!! I’m sure there will be many pictures posted on Instagram and Twitter!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!! Enjoy the last little bit of summer while you still can!!



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