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Disney App Review

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I’ve never formally reviewed an App before, but here we go!!!!

I recently downloaded Disney’s own new app: My Disney Experience. I really like this app!! I’m pretty tech savvy, but I think that the app is very user friendly. I downloaded it on both my iPad and iPhone, and I like it on both!! The different screens are easy to navigate and the maps are very helpful!!! I like the interactive options and the different search options. You can sign in with your regular waltdisneyworld account. You can look up dining options and even make a reservation! The whole layout is there: cuisine type, cost, location, hours, experience type, etc. The parks are interactive through the map or by explore tab. This has so many features, it’s crazy!! You can look up each ride in the park you are looking at. Each ride selection will tell you where it’s located, if it uses fast passes, the fast pass times AVAILABLE right now, and the current wait times. Now, since I don’t live there or have had the opportunity to try this app out first hand there, I can’t comment on how accurate these features are. With this app being a part of Disney’s “NextGen” movement, it provides real time assessments using the wifi now available within the Magic Kingdom park. This app does not even compare to Disney’s first app, Mobile Magic. My Disney Experience is definitely in the forefront of technology on smart phones. The “Here & Now” feature allows you to see attractions, events, and shows based on your location. This is a fabulous feature for the family that has never been to Disney before or for the seasoned veteran who wants to make sure they hit everything in that area!!

Overall, I think Disney did a great job with this app. Everything in the app works and it has never crashed on me. Everything is easy to see and navigate through. This app is a must have for anyone visiting Disney. Currently, Disney has only released this app on Apple’s iTunes available on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. And the best part……it’s completely free!!!!! Disney says that this app is in the works for Disneyland for sometime in 2013.

Disney lovers and super planners enjoy!! I know I cannot wait to use this next year!!


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